The prosecutor’s office brought charges against those involved in the “chief doctors case” in Tolyatti

Former head physician of Togliatti Hospital No. 1 Maxim Zamulin is accused of embezzling 14 million rubles. by illegally accruing payments to staff. His accomplice and former deputy Simon Ananikyan died while hunting.

The prosecutor’s office of the Samara region accused the chief doctor of the Tolyatti City Clinical Hospital No. 1 and his deputy for clinical expert work (died in November 2022 while hunting) of theft of 14 million rubles. The criminal case has been transferred to the Central District Court, the press service of the supervisory agency reported.

According to investigators, the suspects illegally awarded payments to 71 hospital employees for increased workload. Then the workers withdrew part of the funds received from their bank cards and transferred them to managers.

The prosecutor’s office does not name the accused. According to local media reports, we are talking about Maxim Zamulina And Simone Ananikyan. They are charged with abuse of power (Part 1, Article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and embezzlement on a large scale (Part 4, Article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Ananikyan died in November 2022 in a hunting accident. The property and funds of the suspects were seized with a total value of more than 400 thousand rubles.

Large-scale arrests and criminal cases, which residents of Tolyatti called the “case of the chief doctors,” began in December 2022. Zamulin was the first to come under suspicion and was then detained. Andrey Zhitlov, who headed clinic No. 2. The third was the head of city clinic No. 4 of the Komsomolsky district, a well-known urologist in the city Alexander Kulagin. In March, the list was supplemented by the head physician of Tolyatti polyclinic No. 1 Irina Shakhovskaya.

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