The salary ceiling for an endoscopy nurse in most cities is limited to 70 thousand rubles

An endoscopy nurse, even in the capital, cannot earn more than 100 thousand rubles. The salary ceiling in other large cities for a specialist is even lower.

The SuperJob service in December 2023 studied employer offers and expectations of applicants for the position of “Endoscopy Nurse” in commercial clinics. It turned out that the salary ceiling that specialists can count on even with three years of experience is 100 thousand rubles. in Moscow, 90 thousand rubles. in St. Petersburg, and in other cities much less – 60-70 thousand rubles. In several million-plus cities, the maximum salary for a specialist does not even reach 60 thousand rubles: in Ufa, Samara, Perm, specialists can only count on 50-59 thousand rubles, and in Volgograd – on a salary of no more than 45-55 thousand . rub.

The average salary in the specialty in Moscow is 75 thousand rubles, in St. Petersburg – 70 thousand rubles. In most other cities it does not exceed 50 thousand rubles, and in Volgograd it is 40 thousand. rub.

Most often, middle-aged women (41 years old) apply for the position, every fifth of whom has a higher education (18%). More than half were unemployed at the time of posting their resumes.

Over the year, a specialist’s salary has practically not increased, as follows from last year’s SuperJob survey studied by MV. At that time, the average salary of a specialist in most cities was about 45 thousand rubles. (now about 50 thousand rubles), and the values ​​of salary maximums generally remained unchanged.

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