The Platinum Ounce Organizing Committee congratulates you on the coming year 2024! » Medvestnik

The Platinum Ounce Organizing Committee congratulates everyone on the upcoming 2024!

Despite the challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces in 2023, it continues to evolve and move forward. I sincerely believe that the coming Year of the Dragon will allow us to maintain positive dynamics.

In the traditions and cultures of the peoples of the world, the image of the dragon is interpreted in different ways. Most often it is associated with strength, including spiritual strength, wisdom, protection, longevity, as well as luck and prosperity.

The pharmaceutical industry gives rise to similar associations. Like the dragon, she is huge and complex, her wisdom is reflected in the complex processes of drug development, innovation, research, and high-tech production. Protection and longevity lie in ensuring the availability of medicines that help treat diseases and improve quality of life.

May the Year of the Dragon bring new opportunities, good luck and prosperity, and may each day be filled with energy, effective solutions and inspiration!

We wish you good health, prosperity and joyful moments with your loved ones!

Best wishes,

Organizing Committee of the Platinum Ounce Award

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