Medical institutions were allowed to spend compulsory medical insurance funds “for other purposes” » Medvestnik

The President signed a law allowing medical institutions to use compulsory medical insurance funds to repair health care facilities, rent medical equipment and pay rent for housing for health workers

The president Vladimir Putin signed a law that allows medical institutions, in the absence of debt, to use funds received for the medical care they provide outside the framework of compulsory health insurance programs (CHI). The document is available on MV.

Options for spending funds will be established by territorial programs of state guarantees for providing citizens with free assistance, but the law specifies that they cannot be used for investments in construction, reconstruction and major repairs, as well as for the purchase of real estate, transport, securities and shares in the authorized capital of organizations and repayment of the principal amount of loans.

The money can be used to payment for rental housing for medical workers, repairs of healthcare facilities, rental of medical equipment, etc. The regional Ministry of Health will need to be notified about upcoming expenses.

The law also extends the period of transition of medical organizations to providing care based on clinical recommendations until 2025. Requirements for the equipment and use of first aid kits and first aid kits containing medical devices and drugs will come into force on September 1, 2024.

Co-financing the rental or purchase of housing for medical workers is relevant not only in Russia. As MV previously wrote, there are at least five hospital networks in the United States announced about plans to build housing for employees last year. In this way they hope to solve the problem of personnel shortage. Many job seekers are forced to turn down job offers because they are unable to find suitable housing for themselves and their families.

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