The government has allocated an additional 1.6 billion rubles for rehabilitation funds for disabled people

The Social Fund plans to close all applications this year to provide disabled people and veterans with technical means of rehabilitation. The government allocated additional money.

The government will allocate additional funds to the Ministry of Labor in 2023 to provide an interbudgetary transfer to the Pension and Social Insurance Fund to fulfill submitted applications to provide disabled people with technical means of rehabilitation and certain categories of citizens from among veterans with prostheses and prosthetic and orthopedic products. The order was published on December 26 on the Cabinet website.

For these purposes, 1.6 billion rubles have been allocated from the reserve fund. As the government press service clarified, we are talking about hearing aids, wheelchairs, speech synthesizers, prostheses, orthoses and other products. It is reported that additional funding will make it possible to provide citizens with these funds in full.

In total, in 2023, more than 57 billion rubles will be allocated to provide disabled people with technical means of rehabilitation.

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