The validity period of the qualification categories of medical and pharmaceutical specialists involved in the CBO has been extended

Military doctors and pharmacists will not be able to renew their qualification categories for another year. The decision was made by the government on December 23.

The government has extended the validity of the assigned qualification categories to medical and pharmaceutical specialists from among military personnel and civilian personnel of military administration bodies, medical (military medical) organizations, units and medical (military medical) units of the Ministry of Defense upon expiration in 2023 for 12 months . The document came into force on December 23.

Changes were made to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 353 of March 12, 2022 “On the features of licensing activities in the Russian Federation in 2022.” In October last year, the Cabinet of Ministers established that the accreditation of specialists for the right to carry out medical and pharmaceutical activities, as well as their certification for obtaining a qualification category, will be renewed automatically in the event of conscription for military service under mobilization or contract.

The Ministry of Health extended the validity of previously assigned qualification categories of medical and pharmaceutical workers three times during the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time this happened was in February 2022.

In October, the Ministry of Health updated the order on the procedure and deadlines for certification to obtain a qualification category for medical and pharmaceutical workers. The document will come into force on January 1, 2024.

In August, the President instructed the government to simplify the procedures for submitting documents for medical and pharmaceutical workers to undergo periodic specialist accreditation by May 1, 2024. It is proposed to provide for the possibility for the employer to form separate sections of an employee’s portfolio in the Federal Register of Medical Workers of the unified state information system in the field of healthcare. In addition, it is possible to obtain accreditation based on the successful completion of certification by medical workers to obtain a qualification category in a similar specialty.

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