An additional 7.7 m will be allocated to pay health workers in 2024… » Medvestnik

The government will allocate over 7.7 billion rubles for the salaries of doctors and paramedical staff, who are planned to be hired in 2024. The order was published on December 25 on the Cabinet website.

The money will be distributed between the budgets of territorial compulsory health insurance funds (TFIF). St. Petersburg will receive the most funds for these purposes (over 1.2 billion rubles), followed by the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – 477.7 million rubles, Kursk region – 414 million rubles, Kemerovo region – 243 million rubles

The decision was made based on the forecast for the annual increase in the number of medical workers, according to which in 2024 more than 9.5 thousand doctors and almost 17 thousand paramedical specialists will come to work in medical institutions.

For 2023, 7.4 billion rubles were distributed to the regions for these purposes. The payments were calculated for 18 thousand doctors and 20 thousand paramedical staff.

In November last year, the government approved new rules for the provision of interbudgetary transfers from the MHIF budget to co-finance the salaries of newly hired doctors and nursing staff in medical institutions. When distributing these TFOMS funds, unused balances for the previous period and the “employment index” are now taken into account – the ratio of the number of employed workers to the shortage of medical personnel for the corresponding period.

At the end of last year, the Accounts Chamber called the rate of disbursement of funds intended to co-finance the costs of medical organizations for the remuneration of doctors and paramedical staff low. Money from the normalized insurance stock (NSS) of the TFOMS is distributed without taking into account the regions’ needs for medical workers. According to auditors, as of October 1, 2022, out of 17.3 billion rubles. Only 1.3 billion rubles of funds planned for these purposes were spent. (7.7%).

NHS funds have been provided to medical organizations to pay newly employed health workers since 2019. But the demand for this support was decreasing: in 2019, 2,803 medical institutions participated in the program, and in the first half of 2021, their number decreased to 2,042.

In June last year, the Ministry of Health expanded the list of medical organizations that are provided with NHS funds to co-finance the costs of paying doctors and paramedical staff, including, in particular, maternity hospitals and dispensaries. In November 2023, the concept of “young specialists” was prescribed in the order.

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