The number of hospitals in the Moscow stroke network has increased to 12 » Medvestnik

In Moscow, the State Clinical Hospital named after. A.K. Eramishantseva. Now emergency high-tech care for acute cerebrovascular accidents is provided in 12 medical institutions. This was reported by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakovashe is quoted by the press service of the mayor and government.

Thanks to the automated “Hospital” system, emergency doctors see which hospitals currently have free equipment for diagnostics and surgery. In this way, doctors in the hospital know about the patient in advance and prepare the operating room for his arrival.

“No more than an hour passes from the moment the ambulance arrives until the operation,” said the vice mayor.

State Clinical Hospital named after. A.K. Eramishantseva had previously entered the infarction network. A new modern angiographic complex has been installed here, which allows for intravascular ultrasound examination, determining the size and location of a blood clot, and assessing the level of blood pressure in the damaged artery. Using new equipment, more than ten successful operations have already been performed here to remove blood clots from large arteries of the brain in patients with ischemic stroke.

The stroke network was created in the capital in 2017, similar to the existing heart attack network. It includes the largest city hospitals, which have regional vascular centers equipped with the necessary diagnostic and surgical equipment.

The infarction network includes regional vascular centers created on the basis of 29 multidisciplinary hospitals. Thanks to the work of the heart attack and stroke networks, mortality from these conditions in Moscow has decreased by more than three times.

In mid-2020, the Ministry of Health reported a decrease in mortality from heart attacks and strokes in Russia as a whole. In the first ten days of 2020, mortality from diseases of the circulatory system decreased by 6.7% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 216,567 cases. In 2019, mortality from heart attack decreased by 5.2%, and from stroke – by 3.1%. General Director of the National Medical Research Center of Cardiology, chief freelance cardiologist of the Russian Ministry of Health connects this with medical examinations, medical examinations, the creation of public health centers in the regions and, in general, with the national project “Healthcare”.

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