The capacity of private clinics in Russia increased over the year by 59 thousand square meters

The private medicine segment in Russia significantly increased its capacity last year. New large clinics have opened not only in the capitals, but also in the regions.

In 2023, investors brought at least 59.1 thousand m to the Russian medical services market2 of new areas, according to the analytical company Eqiva. Only clinics with an area of ​​at least 1 thousand m were taken into account2 (excluding laboratories and dialysis centers). Among the largest are facilities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in cities where new private medical infrastructure does not appear so often – Izhevsk, Omsk, Perm and Kursk.

The volume of investment in the creation of the ten largest facilities amounted to 7.39 billion rubles. The funds were used for the construction or repair of premises, as well as their equipment. Clinics from the TOP10 accounted for 47.4 thousand m2 new areas. Average cost of 1 m2Thus, amounted to 155.9 thousand rubles. (without taking into account the timing of the implementation of a particular project).

In 2022, private investors brought at least 105.8 thousand m to the market2 area – 44% more than last year. This period saw the opening of several large facilities of the SM-Clinic group of companies, as well as the launch of two hospitals “Mother and Child” and clinics of the networks “Medgard”, “Fomina Clinic”, “Be Healthy”, “Health 365”, etc.

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