The Ministry of Labor did not propose anything new in the system of remuneration of health workers for 2024

Unified recommendations for the establishment of remuneration systems for employees of state and municipal institutions for 2024 at the federal, regional and local levels have been published. DThe document is available on MV. Nothing fundamentally new has been proposed in the system of remuneration for health workers.

The recommendations almost completely repeat last year’s: the authorities should achieve salary levels in accordance with the May decrees Vladimir Putin, the salaries of health workers should increase from all sources of funding: compulsory medical insurance, federal, regional budgets.

The maximum level of the ratio of salaries of the heads of a medical institution and employees cannot exceed six (the multiplicity factor is set from one to six depending on the complexity of the work, bed capacity, etc.), and the maximum share of expenses for paying administrative, managerial and support staff in the fund remuneration of workers of medical institutions – 40%. In addition, it is stipulated that the salary of all health workers should be at least 55% of the total salary structure, and during indexation it is the official salaries that should increase primarily. In order to eliminate the personnel shortage of specialists, institutions can use the funds of the normalized insurance stock of territorial compulsory medical insurance funds.

It is prescribed that employees who are employed in jobs with harmful or dangerous working conditions must receive a salary increase of at least 4%. At the same time, the classification of working conditions as a biological hazard must be carried out “regardless of the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms and without conducting research (tests) and measurements in relation to workplaces.”

There is also a mention that health workers are entitled to incentives for mentoring, but no criteria for their accrual are specified.

The start of a pilot project to introduce an industry-wide wage system in healthcare, which was supposed to equalize disproportions in the salaries of specialists with the same level of education and qualifications in different regions, was postponed until 2025. So far, in most regions, doctors’ salaries are being “increased” with incentives, the leadership of the Health Workers Trade Union told MV.

The average salary of Russian doctors for the first nine months of 2023 was 194.7% of the average salary in the country. According to Rosstat, medical specialists earn 106.3 thousand rubles. per month. At the same time, the medical workers interviewed by MV believe that the department’s figures do not correspond to reality.

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