Every fourth doctor surveyed reported a salary cut in 2023

In 2023, Russian doctors did not see any positive dynamics in their income. At the same time, they note worsening personnel problems in medical organizations, according to the results of a survey conducted by MV and the analytical company RNC Pharma.

As part of the study, participants assessed the size and dynamics of their income, staffing issues, and also gave a general assessment of the dynamics of healthcare development in the country by the end of 2023. Survey was conducted among the Internet audience of the Medvestnik portal from December 14, 2023 to January 9, 2024. The total sample consisted of 244 people, the respondents were medical workers of 61 specialties from 106 cities of Russia.

An improvement in the salary situation last year was noted by 37.3% of specialists, while every fifth (19.7%) associates this with the introduction of new social benefits and a number of other regulatory changes. Another 17.6% of respondents showed personal initiative – that is, their income increased as a result of a promotion or change of job, and often such doctors were simply forced to overwork.

Has your salary increased in 2023? (the question allowed for one answer)

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The majority of specialists – 60.7% of those who took part in the study – did not see any positive changes in salaries in 2023. Of these, 32% of respondents’ income remained at the previous year’s level, while 28.7% experienced a decrease. The respondents also paid attention to problems in remuneration in the “other” answer: doctors noted that An increase in salaries was often accompanied by a decrease in the volume of other payments, as a result, income either did not change or even decreased.

In the context of the situation with salaries, doctors were also asked to assess how their actual level of income compares with the national average published by Rosstat. Here, the absolute majority of respondents (78.3%) noted that their actual salaries in 2023 were significantly less than official figures. Another 17.1% of specialists agree with the statistical data, and only 4.6% of those surveyed had salaries that were “noticeably higher than the indicators presented by the statistical agency.”

According to Rosstat, by the end of the year, on average, a doctor in Russia earns 106 thousand rubles, nursing staff – 52 thousand rubles, junior – 45 thousand rubles. Does your income level compare with these numbers? (the question allowed for one answer)

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Doctors also noted that by the end of 2023, they personally observe a deterioration in the staffing situation. Every third medical worker surveyed (38.8%) said that the situation with the supply of doctors last year worsened compared to 2022, and the same number (36%) called the shortage of medical personnel that developed by the end of last year “critical.” It is interesting that both specialists working in the public sector and doctors from private clinics pay attention to the problem of an acute shortage of personnel. Only every eighth respondent (12.6%) said that the staffing situation had improved; the same number said that there were no problems with this in the medical institution.

Have you noticed an improvement in the staffing situation in your medical organization in 2023? (the question allowed for one answer)

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Based on the results of 2023, only 5.9% of respondents observe positive changes in the development of healthcare in Russia. A clear negative assessment is given by 39.9% of study participants, and the majority of respondents (54.2%) chose an intermediate option: study participants record individual positive changes, but do not note systemic improvements in the industry.

How do you assess the overall dynamics of healthcare development in Russia in 2023? (the question allowed for one answer)

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At the end of 2023, MV also asked leading experts in the healthcare sector to summarize the results of the past year and highlight the main trends in the sector. You can read about this here.

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