A consultation with a psychologist has appeared in the basic compulsory medical insurance program » Medvestnik

Since 2024, the basic compulsory medical insurance program has introduced the service of consulting medical psychologists. Upon referral from the attending physician, these specialists will be available to patients who are registered at the dispensary, combat veterans, as well as women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, Vedomosti writes with reference to the Program of State Guarantees of Free Medical Care for 2024— 2026.

The list of diseases for which dispensary observation of patients is established, according to the order of the Ministry of Health, includes chronic viral hepatitis B and C, heart failure, HIV, neoplasms, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Crohn’s disease, alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, diseases with impaired sex formation and many other.

Experts believe that there are not enough psychologists in Russia to provide assistance to all of these categories of citizens. According to WHO statistics, in Russia there are only 4-5 such specialists per 100 thousand people, said the director of the Institute of Health Economics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics . According to her, to increase their number it will be necessary to resort to additional education and retrain specialists.

In March last year, the Ministry of Health expanded the range of areas available for professional retraining without basic education in a narrow specialty during residency. In particular, it has been made easier for doctors to retrain as psychiatrists and psychotherapists. It will be possible to retrain as a psychiatrist additionally after residency or internship in hematology, dermatovenerology, and pulmonology. Depending on the level of initial education, “narrow” specialists will need about five months for this. The simplification of the retraining procedure was explained by a shortage of personnel. According to the department, the staffing of medical institutions with psychiatric doctors is 82%.

In October last year, the Ministry of Health approved the approximate content of advanced training programs for psychiatrists, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists in the diagnosis of mental disorders, psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance to patients who have experienced severe stress, as well as members of their families, MV reported. The duration of training cycles varies from 18 to 72 hours.

Later The Ministry of Health has determined the time limits for a patient to be seen by a psychiatrist, narcologist and psychotherapist. Average standards were determined in a study by the Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Health Care.

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