Novosibirsk neurosurgeons gave the patient back life without pain in the spine

Neurosurgeons of the Novosibirsk Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after. Ya.L. Tsivyan restored the patient’s life without pain. She had her intervertebral disc removed and replaced with implants, and her vertebrae were fixed with a special screw design.

Resident of Novosibirsk Svetlana Astashkina For many years I have been bothered by pain in the lower back and leg. Conservative therapy helped occasionally; after removing part of the intervertebral disc in 2016, the pain went away, but soon returned again. The woman contacted the NIITO named after. Ya.L. Tsivyan, where she underwent a successful operation in 2020. The patient is now feeling well, the hospital reported.

In Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute of Orthopedics named after. Ya.L. Patient Tsivyana applied in mid-2019. A comprehensive clinical and radiological (MRI, MSCT, radiography) examination revealed gross degenerative changes (osteochondrosis) of the L5-S1 intervertebral disc, segmental instability at this level, scar changes around the nerve (they always occur after previous operations) and an increase in the right true joint of the spine by level L5-S1.

The operation was performed in July 2020.

“The purpose of the surgical intervention was to create conditions under which the spinal pathology minimally bothers the patient. She had two main causes of pain: instability of the operated level, when its supporting structures are not able to fully withstand normal loads, and compression of the nerves by deformed elements of the spinal motion segment in combination with postoperative scar changes,” said the head of the department of neurosurgery No. 2 Evgeny Baykov.

The patient’s nerves were freed by removing the overgrown facet joint and scar changes. “The fixation was carried out with a special screw design, and the “sick” intervertebral disc was almost completely removed and replaced with implants. This type of stabilization allows us to create the most favorable conditions for the fusion of two adjacent vertebrae, which usually occurs within 1–1.5 years,” Baikov explained. He said that the screw structure does not need to be removed – it does not prevent the patient from living a full life.

Svetlana is no longer bothered by pain.

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