The government allowed projects of private medical centers to receive social status

The government allowed the construction project of a medical facility to be given social status. In the future, this will allow you to get a more profitable loan for construction.

The government has approved amendments according to which a project for the construction or modernization of a medical center can receive social status. Resolution No. 2415 dated December 30, 2023 is available for review on MV.

It is planned that the social status of the object will be contribute to attracting investment in such projects – social bonds and loans. It is expected that the Central Bank will extend to them the practice of reducing risk assessment when issuing a loan – which means the loan will be more profitable.

According to the text of the resolution, any facility in the state healthcare system, palliative care centers, as well as projects for the development of innovative medical technologies, centers for the development and production of drugs for orphan patients and projects aimed at “solving problems with childbirth” will be able to receive social status.

A project for the construction of a private medical facility will be able to receive social “labeling” if certain conditions are met: at least 50% of the clinic’s future patients will have to be served under compulsory medical insurance or “with the provision of significant benefits” for citizens of certain categories.

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