Artificial intelligence can replace up to 5% of the healthcare workforce… » Medvestnik

Nearly one in five healthcare executives expect artificial intelligence to replace at least 5% of their organization’s workforce this year. In other industries this figure is higher on average.

Nearly one in five (18%) healthcare executives expect generative artificial intelligence (AI) to replace at least 5% of the workforce in 2024. Globally, such expectations are shared by 25% of executives, and in the media and entertainment markets – 32% (this is the highest figure), reports Becker’s Hospital Review, citing research from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

At the same time, the need for labor will increase, according to the forecasts of survey participants. Thus, increasing hiring rates can offset the reductions associated with the introduction of AI. The study found that nearly half of healthcare executives plan to increase headcount by 5% or more in the next 12 months.

Nearly seven in ten respondents also predict that generative AI will increase competition, lead to changes in their business models and require new skills from employees over the next three years.

The study surveyed 4,702 CEOs worldwide.

AI will make life easier for everyone, an American entrepreneur and founder of a private foundation said in a recent interview with CNN. whose main goal is global improvement of healthcare, Bill Gates. In particular, he pointed to helping doctors with paperwork.

Earlier this monthe The International Monetary Fund has predicted that AI will impact nearly 40% of jobs worldwide, “replacing some and complementing others.”

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