The life of a girl with an aneurysm and severe heart defect was saved at the Morozov Children’s Hospital

A girl born with a complex heart defect, who had already undergone several operations by the age of 7, tolerated well another intervention at the Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital in Moscow for a giant aneurysm of the lower lobe of the right pulmonary artery. X-ray endovascular surgeons saved her life.

X-ray endovascular surgeons at the Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital in Moscow successfully performed a unique operation to close a huge aneurysm in a 7-year-old girl with a severe complication. This was reported by the Department of Health.

The girl was born with a complex heart defect – truncus arteriosus. She underwent several surgical interventions to correct this disease. During a routine CT examination, a giant aneurysm of the lower lobe of the right pulmonary artery measuring 4.5 by 5 cm was discovered in the child.

An aneurysm is a strong expansion of a vessel, inside which the blood moves chaotically, which causes blood clots to form, explained an x-ray endovascular surgeon at Morozov Hospital Manolis Pursanov. At any moment, the aneurysm could rupture, which would lead to the death of the child. In addition, due to the aneurysm, further surgical treatment of the underlying disease was impossible.

The patient was hospitalized in the department of emergency cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology, where pediatric cardiologists and hematologists stabilized her condition and prepared her for surgery. It was decided to perform the operation endovascularly – without an incision in the chest.

Due to concomitant thrombosis of the veins of the lower extremities, access was carried out through the vessels of the neck. Technically, this is a very difficult operation, since the previously installed stent blocked the opening of the right pulmonary artery.

“We were able to pass through this stent, dilate its cells, insert a delivery system and a special occluder, and then close the aneurysm. The occluder was installed in such a way as not to block the normally functioning branches of the pulmonary artery. The operation was successful,” said Manolis Pursanov.

The postoperative period passed without complications. The child has already been discharged home.

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