Alexander Rumyantsev explained the conflict at the Scientific Research Institute of Preschool and Geography by personal ambitions » Medvestnik

There are no grounds for a conflict between the employees of the Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology with the new administration of the institute and the management of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after. N.N. Blokhin, where this unit belongs, has not been established. There are only personal ambitions of the organizers of the conflict. This was announced by the chief pediatric oncologist-hematologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the president of the Federal State Budgetary Institution NNPC DGOI named after. Dmitry Rogachev”, President of the National Society of Pediatric Hematologists and Oncologists Alexander Rumyantsev at a press conference at MIA Rossiya Segodnya on October 1.

Being a member of the inspection commission of the research institute of the Ministry of Health, he presented a preliminary conclusion: “It has been established that since the appointment of the new administration, despite the public discussion of the concept for the development of the children’s structural unit and the preparation plan for moving to the new building, the deputy directors Georgy Mentkevich And Maxim Rykov An absolute confrontation was organized, expressed in denigrating the new administration in the media with the involvement of parents and public organizations. No grounds have been established for this, other than the personal ambitions of the organizers to continue managing children’s structural units.”

According to Alexander Rumyantsev, the administration’s accusations of mass layoffs of personnel, salary reductions, and excessive requirements for maintaining medical records and monitoring attendance at work were not confirmed. He drew particular attention to the fact that public organizations were drawn into the conflict, including the Nastenka Foundation, which worked in the center, and its founder was Professor Mentkevich.

At the same time, serious violations in the work of the departments of oncohematology and bone marrow transplantation have been identified at the Research Institute of Pre-Genesis and Child Health. First of all, this relates to the practice of making decisions on patient treatment protocols, maintaining medical records, including prescription sheets, and indications for using off-label drugs and methods of instrumental monotherapy, which, in the opinion of the commission members, are not provided with permits.

Considering the threats received from the doctors of the research institute to leave their places and leave patients without the necessary help, he suggested to the management of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology. N.N. Blokhin supported by the National Society of Pediatric Hematologists and Oncologists, which is ready to send specialists from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the institute. Such proposals have already been formed in the centers, and in the event of further escalation of actions, doctors will come to work at the Scientific Research Institute of Early Childhood Education in order to fulfill their medical duty to patients.

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