I don’t accept the ultimatum » Medvestnik

“Even if they all leave today, the children will not be left without highly qualified expert assistance. I am supported in this matter and other colleagues,” assured.

He clarified that the Research Institute of Children’s and Childhood Education is a structure that contains several divisions, 14 researchers, 59 doctors, 62 nurses. “I met with the team. I have not encountered any complaints or dissatisfaction with regard to the innovations of the new director from anyone else. Moreover, I myself assess all her actions as aimed at consolidating the team, developing the institution on a modern basis, and I do not see anything destructive in her actions. I haven’t regretted a single day that I invited Svetlana Rafaelovna (Varfolomeeva. – Note edit.), and I’m not going to fire her.”

Head of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology named after. N.N. Blokhina also noted that he is not going to fire any of the doctors: “Moreover, we have a need to expand our staff. Next year we will have to move to a new building of the institute, and we must expand the staffing table. I stated this at a meeting with parents and doctors. I see everyone at the new institute, the whole team.” According to him, this also applies to the deputy director Georgy Mentkevich.

recalled that the conflict situation in the institution began with an appeal from a group of doctors made on the Internet: “If you think about it, this is an appeal to me. It carries an ultimatum tone and a threat, a demand to fire the recently appointed director of the research institute. I don’t accept this ultimatum! No one explained to me clearly why I should fire a respected specialist, professional and organizer, whom I personally invited to work.”

The specialist’s particular misunderstanding is caused by the fact that, as the head of the center, he did not receive either oral or written appeals from colleagues who were dissatisfied with the new director. “The letters were immediately sent to the President of the Russian Federation. That is, God forbid that Ivan Sokratovich intervenes in the situation and, perhaps, regulates some things. For the goal was completely different – not settlement, not the development of joint activities, but destruction. I believe that this script has certain scriptwriters and directors, and they are outside the cancer center,” says the director of the National Medical Research Center.

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