Therapists and surgeons became the highest paid specialists in the US healthcare system

Physicians, surgeons, dentists and orthopedists topped the TOP3 highest-paid health professions in the United States. The rankings were compiled based on the latest available data from the National Bureau of Statistics on average annual wages for May 2022.

Physicians, surgeons, dentists and podiatrists have become the highest paid healthcare professionals in the United States. The first two specialties shared the first line with an average salary of 229 thousand dollars per year (about 13 million rubles at the 2022 exchange rate). Dentists were in second place by a significant margin: $155 thousand, orthopedists were in third with $148.7 thousand. The ranking was compiled by Forbes Advisor, Becker’s Hospital Review reports.

TOP10 highest paying specialties in the US healthcare sector

  1. Therapists and surgeons ($229.3 thousand).
  2. Dentists ($155.04 thousand).
  3. Orthopedists ($148.72 thousand).
  4. Pharmacists ($132.7 thousand).
  5. Medical dosimetrists ($128.97 thousand).
  6. Paramedics ($126 thousand).
  7. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses – can work as midwives, anesthetists (125.9 thousand dollars).
  8. Optometrists ($125.5 thousand)
  9. Veterinarians ($103.26 thousand).
  10. Physiotherapists ($97.7 thousand).

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