44% of Muscovites spoke out against audio recordings of doctors’ appointments in clinics

Every third Muscovite surveyed supports audio recording of appointments in clinics. According to patients, this will help improve the discipline of doctors.

Less than half of the Muscovites surveyed (44%) spoke out against audio recordings of doctors’ appointments in clinics. Every third person supports the initiative, a study by the Superjob.ru portal showed.

The survey was conducted on 15January 16, 2024. 1,600 economically active Moscow residents over 18 years old took part in it.

According to opponents of the innovation, the audio recording may interfere with the patient; he will be concerned that confidential information about him may be available to third parties. They are afraid of personal data leakage.

33% of respondents were calm about this practice. In their opinion, the audio recording will help improve the discipline of doctors, since now “many behave unprofessionally, cannot provide advice and are distracted by personal calls during appointments.”

Men were more likely to support audio recording in doctors’ offices 36% versus 29% among women. Respondents over 45 years of age support this practice more often than those younger (35%). Every second Muscovite under 34 years old is against audio monitoring of a medical appointment.

Order of the Moscow Department of Health No. 1241 on audio recording of appointments in clinics contradicts the criminal law policy of the state aimed at protecting personal data, medical confidentiality and personal life. It is highly likely that it will be cancelled, experts say. State Duma deputies and social activists have already sent requests to the Prosecutor General with a request to check the document for compliance with federal legislation.

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