The Ministry of Health approved the standard time for visiting a geriatrician » Medvestnik

The Ministry of Health has approved the standard time for outpatient appointments with geriatricians. For one patient visit in case of illness, 45 minutes are provided, and for a preventive visit – half an hour.

The Ministry of Health approved an order on standard industry standards for the time of outpatient appointments with geriatricians – the document was published on the official website of legal information and is available on MV.

For one visit by a patient to a geriatrician in case of illness, 45 minutes are provided, including the time spent filling out documentation. In the case of a preventive visit, the norm is set at 65% of the specified parameter (that is, 29 minutes). The time spent by a geriatrician on completing medical documentation should be no more than 35% of the time norms associated with a visit to one patient due to illness, that is, no more than 15 minutes.

The standards were developed based on the results of photo-chronometric studies of the activities of geriatricians conducted by the Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Health Care (TsNIIOIZ) of the Ministry of Health in nine regions – they recorded the average time spent by a specialist on performing all work.

Previously, the Ministry of Health determined the time standards for a patient to be seen by a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. A limit of 24 minutes is set for a psychiatrist, 26 minutes for a narcologist, and 42 minutes for a psychotherapist.

Geriatricians and gerontologists became the most scarce medical specialties in Russia in January-February 2023: according to a study by the Headhunter service, there are only 0.1 resumes per such vacancy, MV reported.

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