Russian psychiatrists will begin treating transsexualism » Medvestnik

Russian psychiatrists have prepared a version of clinical recommendations for the treatment of gender identity disorder. After gender reassignment was banned in Russia, experts plan to help such people “come to terms” with their innate gender.

The website of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists published a version of clinical recommendations (CR) for the provision of medical care to adult Russians diagnosed with “gender identity disorders.” According to this diagnosis, the Kyrgyz Republic has not existed in Russia since 2012, and psychiatrists returned to them against the backdrop of the law banning gender reassignment, which was adopted in 2023, writes Kommersant.

The Ministry of Health launched a procedure to cancel orders legalizing gender reassignment last summer under pressure from the State Duma. At the same time, Law No. 386-FZ, adopted in July, conflicts with the International Classification of Diseases, 11th revision (ICD-11), which came into force in Russia on January 1, 2022. Deputies announced that they plan to prepare a resolution with proposals to exclude sections on LGBT, pedophilia and transgenderism from ICD-11, MV reported.

After the adoption of the law, a complete ban was introduced in Russia on medical interventions, including the use of medications aimed at gender reassignment, including the formation in a person of primary and (or) secondary sexual characteristics of the other sex. An exception is the treatment of congenital anomalies, as well as genetic and endocrine diseases associated with impaired formation of the genital organs in children.

Now, in the version of clinical recommendations, accordingly, there is no description of the principles of hormonal therapy and gender reassignment operations. It is noted that only those patients who had surgery before the law came into force are eligible for hormonal therapy.

In the “Psychotherapy” section, the authors propose providing psychotherapeutic support to patients at all stages. Among the goals are achieving realistic ideas about one’s condition and developing an adaptive model of behavior, deactualizing gender-role conflict, attempting to “reconcile with one’s innate gender,” and correcting disorders of psychosexual development.

The transgender community has already stated that they regard this approach as “conversion therapy.”

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